Rev. Subin George Thomas

Rev. Subin George Thomas is the current Presbyter of the CSI Congregation of Hudson Valley. He completed his Bachelors of Divinity at Kerala United Seminary in Trivandram in 2015. He then served as a probationer and evangelist from 2015-2017 at St. Andrews CSI Church, Billai. 

In 2017, he was ordained by Rt. Rev. Thomas K. Oommen of the CSI Diocese of Madya Kerala. He served as Presbyter-in-charge of St. Andrews CSI Church, Billai from 2017-2023. During this time he also served as a Missionary of CSI Industrial Mission, Billai and Director of Noah's Arc English Medium Mission School, Hanoda. He managed nine local missionaries. As part of his missionary works he was able to deliver counseling and direction to individuals dealing with various issues, including marriage and family counseling, substance abuse  and mental health issues. He has also led many community outreach programs including medical camps, tailoring classes, feeding the homless and other intentional acts of kindness. 

Achen is serving the congregation along with his wife Jaiby , two daughters Joanna  and Jianna, and son Jeremiah. 

Past Presbyters Who Have Served Our Church

Rev. Dr. P.K. Kuruvilla (1996 - 1999) - our first full-time Vicar. Very energetic and committed Pastor. Achen served here from 1996-1999. Kuruvilla Achen is in Kottayam serving as the Vicar of the CSI Trinity Cathedral Church. Achen is also a member of the CSI Synod. He is also serving in various  committees of the diocese and working  as the Secretary of the Financial Board. Susan Kochamma is a teacher and also serving as the Vice President of the CSI Diocesan Women’s Fellowship. Achen’s children, Wesley and Winny are students and very active in CSI Youth Fellowship. Wesley is an accomplished pianist and singer.

The Late Rev. Dr. Jacob Chacko (1999 - 2002) - Achen took initiative in raising funds for our Building fund which enabled us to buy the parsonage. We started our area prayer meetings during Achen’s term. Achen and Kochamma are singers and Mini Kochamma was a member of our Choir.  Achen also played an essential role in encouraging and leading our youth fellowship to the be the strong fellowship it is today. 

Very Rev. P.U. Paulose (2002 - 2005) - A well-experienced senior Pastor of the Madhya Kerala Diocese,  Achen is known for his deep knowledge in Scriptures especially in New Testament. Achen’s noble character is always in our hearts. Achen and Mercy Kochamma are staying in Kottayam. Achen is the Clergy Secretary of the diocese and doing a wonderful service in the diocese. Achen’s children, Annie is married to Rev. Benny Thomas, who is also a Pastor of the diocese. Achen’s son, Arun is employed. Mercy Kochamma was also a member of our choir and known for her embroidery work. Paulose Achen is the one who started the Sunday morning Bible Study classes.

Rev. Mathew P. George (2006 - 2009) -  an eloquent speaker who enjoyed working in Christian Education Ministry., Achen was elected as the  Vice President of the CSI Council in 2007 and was a very hardworkingand committed pastor. Achen is now serving as the Manager of the CMS Press and also the Missionary—in Charge of the Thotta Pradesh mission of the diocese.  Jegy Kochamma, a good singer, is the Principal of the CMS College Higher Secondary School.  

Rev. Binu T. John (2010 - 2013) - Known for his affable nature, Achen dedicated himself for Lord’s work at a very young age. Achen’s sermons are very inspirational filled with new thoughts. Bindu Kochamma is a talented musician who was very active in our choir. 

Rev. Robin K Paul (2013 - 2016) - Achen served our mission field in Charkkari, Uttar Pradesh, India for six years. Achen’s commitment to missions is noteworthy. During his days in Charkkari, God used him to build a strong foundation for our mission field. Anu Kochamma is a higher Secondary school teacher.

Rev. Pretheesh Babu Kurian (2017 - 2019) - Achen provided remarkable services in Telangana (Andhra) Mission field in India. and was a dedicated pastor to our Church. He took the time to get to know each and every member individually and participated enthusiastically with all our programs.  Gristy Kochamma, a good singer, was an active member in our Choir. They are blessed with two children, Presly and Prestin

Rev. Joby Varghese Joy (2019-2023) Achen's strengths as a pastor were in areas of leadsership, preaching and pastoral care. He is a minister to others and a renowned Convention Speaker.  Anu Kochama is a School teacher in India and was an active Sunday School teacher for our preschoolers. They are blessed with two children Johaan and Naithan.